Jessica Cruz

We are happy to welcome a new student. 

Jessica is originally from a small rural community in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato.

Her father works in the fields, and her mother is a housewife. Jessica is part of the first generation of her family to have a college degree.

Jessica has a great entrepreneurial spirit, and thanks to your support, she will begin a career in Engineering in Logistics.

We are happy to welcome a new student. Ana Mari is originally from a community in the municipality of Amealco, Querétaro. Ana Mari has always loved animals, and she will study Veterinary Medicine.

She dreams of graduating and having a stable job to support her family financially.

She is very concerned about the environment and would like to do something so that in her community, the pollutants expelled from different sources are reduced.

Our students started this month with the ENTREPRENEURSHIP program guided by Ph.D. Rodrigo Lopez Gonzalez

The objectives of this program are:

  1. To learn the tools necessary to develop a viable business model for the community project created by each student.
  2. To have the knowledge and experience so that each project can become a social business in the medium term.

With what they learn in the program, our beneficiaries will be entrepreneurs and will support their communities. They will also have tools so that if they wish, they can have their own business.


After 3 years of being a beneficiary of the Gibson Soto Foundation, Ana has finished high school with excellence.
Ana has been accepted at Queretaro University to study a Bachelor’s degree in  Psychology. 
We are very proud of her great accomplishments.

We want to share with you that this month we welcomed a new student.

Evelyn comes from a rural community in the municipality of San Juan del Río, Querétaro. Evelyn finished high school with honors, she is passionate about biology and chemistry, and she dreams of working professionally in these areas.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we will be able to support her for five years with everything she needs to accomplish a college degree in Biotechnology Engineering.

For several years, Evelyn has been involved in community projects. She is currently in charge of projects in the environmental area. She is a leader in her community and has implemented actions to change the culture of caring for the environment.

Interview skills are an essential tool for all students in today’s world of employment. There is increasing competition for job vacancies and even more challenges if you are a woman and indigenous.  
In preparation for starting internships this month, our students had a series of workshops on how to write a clear and concise resumé and practice job interviews.

Our full-time psychologist Janette played the role of interviewer, and all students had an opportunity to be interviewed via zoom.

We are proud to share that for four consecutive years, our organization has achieved the Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Seal of Transparency.

The highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.

We’re pleased to announce that Gibson Soto Foundation is now recognized as partners of #GlobalGiving!
Thank you to all the generous hearts that support our Mission!
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The young women of the Gibson Soto Foundation/La Cima IAP celebrate Earth Day 2021. All of our beneficiaries have grown up in mountainous areas of Mexico and have learned to coexist with nature. For generations, their families have found sustainable ways to use Earth’s resources to survive.
Today, these young women are using their respect for nature combined with their educational opportunities to invent new ways to recycle, teach nutrition, and improve their communities.
Please watch the video our students created to celebrate. CLICK HERE 

In February, our students began an intensive English course to strengthen their competitive advantages and open more significant opportunities for professional development. The goal is for them to learn the English language at a level that allows them to read, write, hold a conversation in English, have a job interview in English, and hold work meetings in English.

Without the support of the Gibson Soto Foundation, our beneficiaries would not have access to English classes. According to business sources, in Mexico, people with undergraduate or graduate degrees who speak English have salaries between 28 and 50 percent above the average.

Lupita is studying the seventh semester of her Bachelor of Music with a specialty in Piano.  She is a very dedicated and talented student.

Lupita’s father is a gardener, and her mother works from home sewing clothing for the community.  Your support has enabled Lupita to continue college.  To successfully continue her college studies and to be able to perform professionally, Lupita needed to have a piano.

Thanks to the support of people like you, in February 2021, we managed to raise the necessary funds to acquire a piano with the quality needed for a professional pianist.

Lupita now has a piano on which she can practice and improve her technique. This will be her study and work tool that will allow you access to many opportunities and a promising future.

Please watch the video where we documented the piano delivery and Lupita playing it for the first time. CLICK HERE

 Arcelia – one of our students that is pursuing an Engineering degree – entered into a national science and technology competition. Her task was to create a project that meets one of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations Organization. Arcelia’s goal was to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.
Arcelia created the Eco-Brick, and in January 2021 she was informed she achieved second place in the contest.
Eco brick is a project that aims to produce bricks with recycled materials from construction waste and using high-density polyethylene, which is a widely used plastic and easy to find in containers. Eco-Brick has a greater resistance to heat and more durable than a normal brick due to its composition.
We are so proud of Arcelia.
If you would like to support students like Arcelia, please click and make a donation
We wish you a Happy New Year 2021!!
Every day we learn from the amazing young women of the Gibson Soto Foundation.
Meet Daniela, who came to us from a very small village in the Sierra Gorda mountains of Mexico named Mesa de Palo Blanco where she lives with her family of 10. Family income is $2,785 pesos monthly ($130 USD). Daniela is achieving her bachelor’s in nutrition. We visited Daniela and her family recently where they made us a delicious lunch of homemade tortillas, beans, and corn soup.
We talked much about the struggles they have lived and even more during the pandemic. During our conversation, we asked, “what message do you have for other young women who have difficulties accessing education?” Daniela replied, “education is for everyone and even if sometimes it gets complicated, God always has a plan for us and it doesn’t matter how long it takes for dreams to happen if they come true.” Daniela is a role model for other young women in her community. We are so proud of Daniela and all our students. Please help us empower more young women like Daniela.
Meet the talented Lupita.
In October we made another visit to one of our beneficiaries. Lupita lives near Tequisquiapan, Mexico, with her mother, father,  a younger sister, and older sister, who is blind. Lupita is studying a bachelor’s degree in music, which became her passion after hearing classical music as a child. Her father works as a gardener and her mother has a sewing workshop at home.
After graduation, Lupita dreams of sharing her music with others in communities where classical music has never been heard.
Our beneficiaries teach us so much about life, giving, and gratitude.
In September we made another visit to one of our Gibson Soto Foundation students, Arcelia, who lives in Pozuelos, Mexico.
Arcelia is studying manufacturing engineering with a focus in plastics. During the pandemic she is attending classes virtually from her home.
Recently, Arcelia won 2nd place in a national contest where she was able to use construction debris and plastic bottles to develop a innovative construction material that can be used for new construction.
Arcelia’s family income has been reduced to about $125 monthly due to the pandemic. Life became more complicated as her father battles severe illness unable to work the family crops. This year, Arcelia and her mother did all the farming and planted crops of corn, beans, and squash. Despite challenges, the family is so optimistic about life.
Our Foundation is supporting Arcelia financially to pay for her college education, school supplies and internet, and also helping provide basic needs for her family.
This experience taught us so much about love and kindness. We are touched forever. We are so proud of Arcelia.

In August we visited one of our Gibson Soto Foundation students, Mayra, who lives in Santiaguillo, Mexico. Since the pandemic began, our students have been studying from home and we felt it was time to start visiting each of them and their families. We will be creating a series of short documentaries about our students and their families.
Mayra’s family is economically challenged. Annually, her family income is $1200 (2000 pesos monthly). Mayra is top of her class and gives great effort to achieve this success. Her family is very proud her.
As a gift, Mayra’s family cooked us an amazing lunch of Pozole, and gave us vegetables from their garden and fresh cheese. We are humbled to know such amazing people like Mayra and her family exist in this world.
Mayra is studying to achieve her bachelor’s in environmental engineering and hopes she can someday help preserve the planet. Mayra, and others like her, are making amazing accomplishments despite the obstacles they have.

Dear Gibson Soto Foundation friends – As the COVID19 pandemic continues to spread, the need to be united and supportive of each other is paramount. In Queretaro, Mexico, where La Cima is located, schools were ordered to close to reduce the spread of the virus. After assessing the possible risks, we decided the safest place for them at this time is with their families.

On March 19 2019, all our grantees went back to their communities where they resumed their classes and college projects virtually. However, they are all facing challenges in their rural communities, such as limited internet access and reduced family income.

With your help and donations, Gibson Soto Foundation is providing our grantees with a monthly allowance so that they can have access to internet, school supplies, nutritious meals, and support their families whose income has been reduced due to the pandemic’s impact on jobs.

We thank you for your generosity during these unprecedented times and invite you to donate to support our Mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education. With gratitude – Gibson Soto Foundation Board and Grantees

We are proud to share that Gibson Soto Foundation earned a Guide Star 2020 Platinum Seal of Transparency. Check out our updated GuideStar profile

Happy holidays 2019 from Gibson Soto Foundation.
This holiday season please share the work of our Foundation with your friends, family and colleagues, and help us to break the cycle of poverty through education.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, on Saturday October 27th, the students at La Cima received a class from breast cancer survivor and author, Sandy Mora.  Sandy’s book “ALQUIMIA EMOCIONAL: EL ARTE DE TRANSFORMAR LA ADVERSIDAD EN ORO PARA TU CRECIMIENTO” is about resiliency during the emotional stress of cancer.

The students learned about cancer awareness, prevention, and other skills they will be able to bring back to their families and friends.  At the end of the class, the students received a signed book copy.  


We are deeply grateful to everyone that has participated with us to make this life-transforming project possible.

On Saturday, October 12, The Gibson Soto Foundation inaugurated La Cima, our new facility in the City of Queretaro, Mexico. Mr. Calixto Corzo, President of the Private Assistance Board of the State of Querétaro, performed the ceremonial ribbon cutting.  

During the event, six student beneficiaries of La Cima were introduced. All our students come from remote rural communities, many indigenous. Each of them has made great sacrifices and efforts to finish high school and to be able to apply to be supported by La Cima to go to college.

Five students are currently studying an engineering degree with disciplines in environmental, manufacturing, and aeronautical. One student is studying a bachelor’s degree in music.

The highlight of the event was when the students shared about the importance of the work of La Cima IAP, and the significant impact it has made on their lives.   “To be able to study and achieve a degree from a university has changed my life, and the positive effect extends to my family and my community,” one student expressed.

All our beneficiaries have plans to support their families and communities economically and through community development projects as part of the Gibson Soto Foundation program.

As part of their integral development, our beneficiaries participated in september, in a Public Speaking Workshop taught by the coach Inés Jácome.

During the workshop, students learned techniques to control fear, improve their posture and express themselves freely and naturally.

At the Gibson Soto Foundation, our program includes valuable life skills, in addition to academics. Pictured, you see a class that was provided in August, to enhance the emotional intelligence of the students. The Emotional Intelligence Training is designed to support our students with the growth of self-esteem and self-confidence, and help students cope with the everyday stress of school and studies. The goal of our structured programs is to prepare our students to enter life after graduation outside of poverty. If you would like to learn more about our foundation or support these amazing students, please visit

This week, The Gibson Soto Foundation welcomed five new students into our program. These students will reside in our La Cima facility located in Queretaro, Mexico, where they will fulfill their dream of having a college education. Additionally, students will receive other training such as self-development skills, arts and music, sports, and a second language. Pictured, you see our students receiving an integration workshop, where they are learning how to live together and support each other as they begin their journey. Please help us welcome and support these amazing young people. Stay tuned to learn more about each of our students. If you would like to learn more or donate to our foundation, please visit

One year ago, Isabel began her new journey. We are very happy to share with you, Isabel has completed her first year of high school with great success. 
Isabel’s parents are very grateful for all your support. Despite many challenges, this family is committed to supporting Isabel and her education. Isabel chose to wear her beautiful native Otomi dress. It is an honor to stand with such greatness. We are so proud of Isabel and her family, and to have an opportunity to share their joy. Please visit and help us support more students like Isabel and break the cycle of poverty through education.

After receiving official approval from the Mexican government in February 2019, the Gibson Soto Foundation is officially opening our first facility named “La Cima.” Our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty through education continues to grow. Because of this milestone, eight more students will receive the opportunity for education. La Cima will be their home for the next seven years where they will receive academic and life skills.


We are honored to introduce Ana Isabel, she is the inaugural student to be supported by the Gibson Soto Foundation Inc., and will endeavor on a seven-year journey to complete her high school and college education. Ana is part of a structured program that will support her development and provide her with valuable life skills


Ana has big dreams and hopes she can someday help her community have opportunities to study, work, and access a better life, especially for indigenous people.  Ana would like to bring better health services to her region, and campaign for improved working conditions and salaries for agricultural workers.

We commend Ana Isabel for her courage and commitment to continue her education, and to help others with her learned skills.  We also thank her family for their unconditional love and support.

“It is very important to be successful in school and in the future I hope to be able to financially support my family”….Ana Isabel

Ana Isabel has a long journey.  Please help the Gibson Soto Foundation make her dreams come true.  Your support is needed.  Donate today and you will change the lives of many.