• Education The Foundation is convinced that the education of adolescents has the power to transform their lives and enrich the communities in which they live for generations.  The Foundation believes education is the gateway to personal and community growth.


  • Respect The Foundation respects every human being and see the immeasurable potential within each person to live a fulfilling life and contribute positively to their community. The Foundation respects the life giving potential of all human beings and strives to provide opportunities to those we touch.


  •  Generosity The Foundation is based on the inherent power of giving others the best of ourselves in our actions, time, gifts and virtues. Our Foundation gives to those who need an education and expect them to give forward to others in their community.
  • Commitment The Foundation is committed to each student, and each student is committed to their growth, development, success, and their investment in their communities.  Together we are committed to positively impact the world with our actions.


  • Excellence The Foundation works diligently achieving excellence in all we do.  We pass this value to each of our students and families, as well as our donors and collaborators.


  • Honesty The Foundation acts with total honesty and integrity.  We carry this value to each of our students and families, as well as donors and collaborators.