Selection, criteria and program

The Gibson Soto Foundation has a structured program of sustained growth for their students.  The Program is designed to enhance the student in not only the area of academics, but to support the development of a well-rounded life.

  • Student must have maintained a grade average equivalent to the top 20% of his/her class.
  • Total family income must be at or below the poverty level of their community.
  • Student must have full support of their family or guardian.
  • Student must maintain a GPA equivalent to the top 20% of total class.
  • Student must learn a second language.
  • Student must complete a community project during the term of The Program.
  • Student must learn one additional skill or talent outside their school curriculum (i.e, musical instrument, art, sport, etc.).
  • Student will have the opportunity to intern for The Foundation or other organization or firm.
  • Student will have access to mentoring and other support in areas of personal need to enhance growth.
  • Student receives tools and technology to support educational needs


“Thousands of bright teenagers in Mexico with a promising future are forced by financial difficulties to suspend their studies before starting a high school education.”– Patricia Soto, The Gibson Soto Foundation co-founder 

The Gibson Soto Foundation supports gifted and promising students who finish middle school but cannot join high school due to financial constraints.  Through the award of scholarship grants and following a structured program developed by the foundation, students are given an opportunity to a better life.